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The Cycle Shifts
Why don’t you understand what’s happening?!
Eyes which poured scorn now white with shock
It’s not my fault
You’ve already had the chance to talk so stop                                   
                                    AND LISTEN TO ME  
    Silence is foreign to you, vomiting corrosive derision
                                    WHAT ARE THESE CRIMSON DRIPS
…there's less skin on my arms and fists
                        It usually HAPP
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Too small to eat. by FaustHabenicht Too small to eat. :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 0 0 After the Storm by FaustHabenicht After the Storm :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 2 2 Nothing Left by FaustHabenicht Nothing Left :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 5 3
Life in Shadows of Yesterday
Lost within the shadows of past hopes and dreams
Yet still moving ever ahead
Wishes for the future can barely be seen
And every morning is filled with dread
Wondering if they should ever be reached
Or will they only be seen within dreams?
The rubble of aspirations, of hope
It lies scattered around my feet
The faded memories which it invokes
I have no desire to see
When did everything become about payments?
No one ever has any time, anymore
I’m able to talk to friends a single day of the week
Everything is business, nothing is free
Except for the eternal misery
The cycle forever perpetuates itself
Earn to live, live to earn, it all must be paid
In this existence, this solitary hell
There is little of worth anywhere to find
It all is so stagnant, so stale
Through the darkness and fog, there are traps of light
I still fall for their promise without fail
They can only deceive me for so long
I realize my folly, and carry on
Aimlessly, never knowing to what end
It has become a loatheso
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 0 0
We meant so much to each other, it often felt sublime
We laughed and wept, but it was doomed to die
Of most things I cannot recall
Yet I’ve been cursed to endure this
All this time, I only wanted to forget it all
I was never granted my wish
Women have come and gone,
Yet you were one of the few who understood
You didn’t mind my serrated edges
You saw past the indifference as no one else could
Then one day, you faded away
I don’t even remember the reason
After some years, you spoke to me again
Desiring to talk, perhaps even be friends
I wanted to leave it to die
To avoid those feelings a second time
I’ve come to understand you’re engaged
I say I’m happy for you, but it’s partly a lie
You’re doing well, so much has changed
Though much has not, despite passing time
You’ve moved on, yet I only partially have
To you these feelings I’ll never emote
Even as they eat away at my sanity
You’ll never see this, you’ll never kno
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 0 0
For Naught
Somewhere along the way, life began to fade
Leaving only automated functions in its place
Efforts done out of need but never out of want
What was once verdure is umber and gaunt
Fragments of the past scattered as brittle leaves
Concomitant with forgotten memories
What was valued, now scarcely a thought
What was hunted is forever beyond reach
There was a time when the search weren’t for naught
Those days are behind me
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Mature content
Silk Embalment :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 1 3
Hand by FaustHabenicht Hand :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 8 4
Sleep offered no dreams, none that could be recalled
Their memories faded as the withered leaves of fall
I required sedation to avoid restless nights
They only robbed fantasies of the mind
Trapped in the hyperborean sea
Here on this severed phantasm of life
It wasn’t marked on the charts it seemed
For visitors were seldom, of any kind
Across the waves of nightmares and dreams
Perpetual daylight cursed the land
There were no sunsets to grace the frozen sands
The last dreamer to arrive at this waste
Marveled at the isle’s beauty, to my dismay
The eternal cold and countless years
Had turned its marvels into mocking sneers
Walking with my shadow for company
Taking my pipe from the frail nightstand
Packing it with latakia and cavendish leaves
Lit by embers, smoke curled from my hand
The gray fog swirling with the slightest breeze
I was once asked why I remained
In this place to which I had such distaste
The reason is simple, truthfully
There were no destinations to seek
From whe
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 2 3
Lapses of Memory
Faint and worn by time
Is the glint in my eyes
You can’t try to warm yourself against me
My body may as well be ice
With a heart that no longer bleeds
I don’t have success, I don’t have extra cash
I’ve got degrees but they may as well be trash
Never got hired on their merits
My skills and the market have always been disparate
The economy tanked, more family dead
More friends lost, and calm is only found
With a thousand milligrams plus of meds
Or a single payment apartment underground
I gave up on love long ago
I have truthfully no interest in sex
On occasion I get drunk or stoned
So that for at least a few hours I can forget
I write, I carve, I draw in random lines
They never amount to much of anything
But at least they distract me for a time.
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 1 5
Mature content
When Light Withered :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 1 5
Chthonic Moon by FaustHabenicht Chthonic Moon :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 2 2
The Virtue of Abuse
Why did it have to be emotional intrigue
That ever caught my heart and fancy
I don’t understand what’s expected of me
Males shouldn’t be taken by romance
We’re expected to be possessed by lust
Words spoken with sincerity in a trance
Fall on jaded ears, ground into dust
No matter my vulnerability and actions
No matter what I say
You never believe it, because of your fear of pain
Shredded by many like you before, I get up and walk away
It’s something I’ve become used to, but it burns all the same
More comfortable with indifference and abuse
That’s what they seem to prefer
Claiming a desire to feel loved and not used
Yet actions make lies of their words
You say he doesn’t write to you
You say his emotions are rarely displayed
That you suspect he doesn’t tell the truth
Or that he hurt you the other day
Your lips move
But you have nothing to say
At one point you were my muse,
Now only a memory remains
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 1 0
Mature content
Internal Combustion :iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 0 3
Forgotten Life
What are these faint memories
Lights dimly flickering in my mind
What were those feelings?
That have been lost to time
While most of them had been destroyed
A few objects, writings had been saved
Though to what purpose I cannot say
When I look upon these strange things
I simply don’t know what to think
I can even recall, when I truly try
What I had thought, how I sighed
They may not have been the best written
Yet they were so sincere and kind
The most recent was dated the January 3rd, 2012
Nearly three years ago, how that time flew
I can scarcely believe any of it myself
They indeed were written by the same hand
However, not at all by the same man
He has long since died
His feelings numbed within glazed eyes
Cynicism strangled his heart with barbed vines
Cracked lips and scarred hands cold as stone
Romantic, but this is rarely ever displayed
Resigned, conditioned, content with being alone
At times, it’s true, I wish there was another way
But I know in truth that it will nev
:iconfausthabenicht:FaustHabenicht 3 4


this is how the summer ends.
she is a taciturn tornado
waiting at the threshold to
be invited in
and you always let her in, you
always let her in.
she is a one-girl riot against
everything you hold dear
she is the crash of vases she is
photographs being ripped in half
she is a frame that doesn't fit
your picture of how the world
should be. she is at times fey
a lakebed fairy, a fuschia bud pixie,
at other times tornado, untouchable,
you live in a wind tunnel with her,
pressing your desperate heart into
the pages of her sketchbook, she is
painting you rip-red-ripple and you
let her.
this is how the summer ends.
she tells you if love is a crime then
you must atone, if love is a crime then
she will be your punishment, if love
is a crime then she will press into your
back like a heavy conscience, whispering
every law you broke today while you
let yourself love her, while you tried to
kiss her outside church, while you bought
her flowers and tried to hold her hand, when
you let her in, you always let her in.
and she is
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 30 20
Prima luce
My atoms push
into every direction,
forcing the rain
to pass, and
denying me the
pleasure of milling around.
At first light of
the coming year
I will drown my regrets
I fear
becoming a part of
the machinery
and breaking
my past, too.
:iconfallenangeloffinland:FallenAngelOfFinland 2 0
The Whole Damn Thing.
I'm a strong believer
in letting yourself love
improbably and eclectically
even for a day
or an elevator ride
or a single exchange of smiles
letting that stranger
have your whole heart
even as you know
how destructive
of an act
you are committing
because they may forget
to return a piece
or they may just keep
the whole damn thing.
:iconbleedingprophecies:BleedingProphecies 31 40
wonderboy the dragons trap by PeterGilliland wonderboy the dragons trap :iconpetergilliland:PeterGilliland 10 3
Dan's Rant-ish Thing Of The Day: Modern Writing
Do most people not appreciate just a good story these days? I see all of these written works people are pumping out over the internet and every single one of them are just overly elaborate, complicated, metaphor assaulted, poem-ish things. Don't get me wrong, a lot of those things aren't bad. But it's just why does it feel like most writers these days don't write stories? Everyone just wants to write poem and poem-like things that literally every single line or sentence you have to spend time thinking about what the hell it is supposed to mean. "The father bird lost his mother bird." Simple enough line, yes? Well if someone modern were to write that, it wouldn't be that. It would have to be something extremely and overly exaggerated like "And then the feeble Icarus wings could not connect to the beautiful wind current that carried him through his life's ordeals." Now ask yourselves this. "Okay, I know what this writer meant. The 'Icarus wings' is a bird that lost something dear to him.
:icondying-revenge:Dying-Revenge 2 4
Dead before dawn
It lays still on my
table, I observe it silently,
the romance we had
was dead before it was born
Yet I cling to it's lifeless corpse, deny
the facts and
keep holding on
to a rancid, rotten
memory of what
could have been, if
we only surpassed
:iconfallenangeloffinland:FallenAngelOfFinland 2 1
first time is always awkward XD by nebezial
Mature content
first time is always awkward XD :iconnebezial:nebezial 7,208 1,000
Follow the moon
Rays of silver play among the ripples
So gracefully they flow on surface
Caressing the disturbance
Another pebble hits the surface
Another dance is born
Ripples dissipating ripples all while the rays of silver dance among them
Another pebble hits its target
Filled with so much regret
Attempting to wash away the image created by this mirror
As the ripples fade
Long lines of silver
A unending stream of doubt flowing down the cheeks
The next pebble hits the lake
Stronger this time
Washing away any sight there was
A twig snaps as some one draws near
Quickly the streams of silver is wiped from the cheeks
As another figure is outlined nearby
Look at this marvel that is our world
Endless magical paintings
Given directly to our soul
Why give sorrow and doubt this power
That which is lost can not be regained with tears
Nor with doubt
Look onto the silver guide above
Forever it will travel the night sky
Never cursing its duty
For there will always be a sunrise
To push back the darkness
Stand up
:iconthormodor:Thormodor 1 0
"When our eyes met
The skies united -
Your black pupils,
Of dark clouds scent,
Have been rained on
By tears
Mechanically aligned -
All these years.
When our palms matched
Distant lands collided -
Prolific earthquakes
Of feelings anew
And valleys of senses
Descended from you.
The highest mountains
Are poor and shattered -
Meaningless, little stones
At our feet...
The days go darker
As the two antithetic poles
Magnetically align -
A sole heartbeat."
:iconpinksolace:Pinksolace 8 31
Your hair reminds me of autumn, reminds
me of beautiful leaves, brilliant and flaming
Your smile holds the warmth of summer, let
me bask in it's reassuring glow
Your songs are like the spring, so full
of life and surprises
But sadly
your heart is like the winter
And holds no love
At least the kind
I wish it did
:iconfallenangeloffinland:FallenAngelOfFinland 4 4
The Unfortunate.
I abhor the anxiety of perfection.
For thirteen years,
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Gnawed at the back of my brain.
Do you know the feeling as it i n t e n s i f i e s?
Cold adrenaline pours into a roasting stomach,
Gives that gagging feeling at the
                                                                   of the throat
Before                      the urge to scream,
                               And the only thing to do
:iconkittenmash:KittenMash 4 5
love letters to introverts
To the boy who prefers spending Friday nights at home:
the world does not understand how beautiful silence sounds
As you crack open that book you've been waiting to read,
  or plug in your computer,
    or listen to music,
or maybe just stare at the night sky from your bedroom window-
(please) remember what everyone else seems to forget;
that being alone does not always equal lonely--
and that sometimes no company is the best company there is. 
To the girl who does not speak up in class: 
I was once you. 
You are not deficient, I promise, despite everyone telling you otherwise. 
You might be the only one who will ever know the universes 
tucked inside your head, 
because they are beautiful secrets you cannot bring yourself to share,
for fear that they might be vandalized. 
When you speak,
:iconsylveda:sylveda 155 89
Humankind #1 by Samael-SH0-to-5 Humankind #1 :iconsamael-sh0-to-5:Samael-SH0-to-5 10 0 Last day by Richard-Cederfjard Last day :iconrichard-cederfjard:Richard-Cederfjard 1,057 95 Necklace by Richard-Cederfjard Necklace :iconrichard-cederfjard:Richard-Cederfjard 712 42


Short Story?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 7:25 PM
For some reason, I felt like doing something I haven't done in ages: write a short story.  I have completed its first draft and tomorrow night will post it after reading it with fresh eyes.  I consider myself only an aspiring writer, there are others much better than I who focus mainly on it; but something compelled me to make this all the same.  It may not be the best but when it is posted tomorrow hopefully some of you will enjoy it.



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